Size Guide

Detailed below are the approximate measurements of the clothing made by Lily & Giraffe. Due to the handmade nature of the clothing, there may be some slight variance in measurements.

Girl's Bubble Pocket Dresses.

6-12 months (garment length 41cm, chest 58cm)

1-2 Years (garment length 47cm, chest 60cm)

2-3 Years (garment length 51cm, chest 61cm)

3-4 Years (garment length 53cm, chest 64cm)

4-5 Years (garment length 56cm, chest 64cm)

5-6 Years (garment length 63cm, chest 71cm)

6-7 Years (garment length 67cm, chest 74cm)


 Girl's Harem Trousers. 


3-6 months (waist 38cm, inside leg 20cm)

6-12 months (waist 41cm, inside leg 25cm)

1-2 Years (waist 43cm, inside leg 28cm)

2-3 Years (waist 44cm, inside leg 32cm)

3-4 Years (waist 46cm, inside leg 39cm)

4-5 Years (waist 47cm, inside leg 42cm)

5-6 Years (waist 49cm, inside leg 45cm)

6-7 Years (waist 50cm, inside leg 49cm)

7-8 Years (waist 51cm, inside leg 52cm)


Girl's Party Dress.

1-2 Years (garment length 45cm, chest 52cm, waist 50cm)

2-3 Years (garment length 51cm, chest 56cm, waist 54cm)

3-4 Years (garment length 55cm, chest 58cm, waist 56cm)

4-5 Years (garment length 59cm, chest 60cm, waist 58cm)

5-6 Years (garment length 63cm, chest 62cm, waist 60cm)

6-7 Years (garment length 67cm, chest 64cm, waist 62cm)

7-8 Years (garment length 70cm, chest 66cm, waist 64cm)

Girl's Skirts.

1-2 Years (garment length 28cm, waist 44cm)

2-3 Years (garment length 30cm, waist 46cm)

3-4 Years (garment length 34cm, waist 48cm)

4-5 Years (garment length 37cm, waist 50cm)

5-6 Years (garment length 39cm, waist 52cm)

6-7 Years (garment length 41cm, waist 54cm)

7-8 Years (garment length 44cm, waist 56cm)


Boy's Shirts.

1-2 Years (garment length 35cm, chest 60cm)

2-4 Years (garment length 37cm, chest 63cm)

4-6 Years (garment length 40cm, chest 68cm)

6-8 Years (garment length 44cm, chest 71cm)


Women's Skirts.

To choose the right size, please measure around your hip/seat (this is approximately 20cm below your natural waist). The tape measure should be firm but not tight. Although the size is chosen using your hip measurement, please note that the dress is designed to sit on your natural waist.


UK 6 (Hip/Seat 90cm, Natural Waist 65cm, Length 48.5cm).

UK 8 (Hip/Seat 95cm, Natural Waist 70cm, Length 49cm).

UK 10 (Hip/Seat 100cm, Natural Waist 75cm, Length 49.5cm).

UK 12 (Hip/Seat 105cm, Natural Waist 80cm, Length 50cm).

UK 14 (Hip/Seat 110cm, Natural Waist 85cm, Length 50.5cm).

UK 16 (Hip/Seat 115cm, Natural Waist 90cm, Length 51cm).

UK 6 (Hip/Seat 120cm, Natural Waist 95cm, Length 51.5cm).